Customer Videos

Hear what our customers have to say about Noetix business intelligence solutions in their own words.  We had the chance to catch up with a few of them at industry trade shows and they shared their favorite product features, insights on how Noetix enables business users and also how Noetix products are to implement and maintain from a technical perspective.

Noetix Empowers End Users

Noetix Empowers End Users to Answer their Own Business Questions

Key highlights:

  • End user Independence
  • Simplified Access to Data
  • Integration with Excel

Showcase Library

Noetix for Oracle EBS Reporting Customer Stories - Robert Loreto

Noetix for Oracle EBS Reporting – The choice of global industry leaders (2:57)

Noetix for Oracle EBS Reporting Customer Stories - Christine Schap

Favorite Features of Noetix (3:19)

EBS Report from Customer Videos

Noetix’s Impact on Oracle EBS Reporting – From IT’s Point of View (2:23)

Elliott Company (1:15)

FICO (3:45)

Cummins (2:56)

Trinity Industries (2:17)

Why Choose Noetix? (3:07)