Operational Reporting
& Packaged Analytics

Automatically Delivered into Your BI Platform

Reduce the time and effort necessary to get information into the hands of decision makers throughout the organization.

Whether you need to simplify data access to a single application or require a complete enterprise reporting and analysis solution, you can count on us.

Operational Reporting & Packaged Analytics

Noetix Business Intelligence

Simplify access to data trapped within Oracle Applications through an integrated product suite.


NoetixViews enables organizations to perform operational reporting and ad hoc analysis for Oracle E-Business Suite. Patented technology automatically generates configuration-specific metadata that hides the inherent complexity of the database structures and presents a simplified business view of the information that reflects the unique configuration of the implementation.

Noetix Analytics

Noetix Analytics enables organizations to achieve an enterprise-wide view of strategic information from detailed transaction data to historical snapshots and aggregated metrics. Noetix Analytics provides ETL maps, data marts, drillable reports and KPIs for Oracle E-Business Suite. Open interfaces are provided to integrate additional third-party and custom applications.

Noetix Generator

Noetix Generator automatically populates Noetix Platform and other popular BI reporting tools such as Oracle BI, Oracle Discoverer, IBM Cognos BI, SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI, Tableau, QlikView and WebFOCUS with the rich metadata of NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics, significantly accelerating setup and query access to Oracle application data.

Empower End Users to Answer Their Own Questions

Noetix products are designed to enable business users and decision makers to quickly and easily access Oracle E-Business data without help from IT.  With hundreds of out-of-the-box reports, tools to customize and extend their business views to meet more complex reporting needs, and an impressive data dictionary of content within in an easy to use search interface, end users have the resources they need to answer their own questions.


NoetixAnswers provides instant answers to common business questions without resource-intensive development. It delivers customizable reports from Oracle E-Business Suite without the need to define data locations or write query code. Used with Noetix WebQuery, IBM Cognos BI, SAP Business Objects and/or Oracle BI Enterprise Edition, it allows users to quickly locate pre-built reports with point-and-click simplicity.

Noetix Search

Noetix Search is a browser-based search application that enables Noetix users to search the data model generated by NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics (and all of the accompanying descriptive details) in a familiar, intuitive user interface via their favorite browser so they can quickly find the data they need for their reports.

NoetixViews Workbench

NoetixViews Workbench empowers users to customize and extend NoetixViews to meet those reporting challenges not met out-of-the-box. NoetixViews Workbench dramatically improves quality, reduces errors, and enhances the productivity of those creating and maintaining customizations.

Enterprise Reporting

Noetix Platform provides organizations with a comprehensive web-based reporting solution that integrates multiple data sources into a centrally managed, secure query and reporting environment.

Through its simple browser interface and complete integration with Microsoft Excel, Noetix Platform enables business professionals to gain immediate access to operational data, empowering them to create, customize and distribute reports without IT involvement.


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