Noetix Analytics

Packaged Data Management Solution

Fully Leverage Your Existing Enterprise Applications and Business Intelligence Platform Investments

Noetix Analytics is a packaged data management solution that greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of implementing an enterprise data warehouse, giving organizations a comprehensive view of corporate information. The data can be used to support strategic performance reporting while also supporting the ability to drill down to transaction details and perform ad hoc analysis.

Noetix Analytics includes advanced integration with industry-leading business intelligence and reporting tools from Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Qlik to maximize the value of existing investments. Noetix Analytics includes a packaged ETL to extract, transform and load data from Oracle E-Business Suite and applications, and an open interface to integrate data from third-party and custom applications to provide an enterprise-wide view of data and performance.


Noetix Analytics features and benefits include:

  • Enterprise data model for strategic reporting with drill-down to transaction details.
  • Integration of Oracle E-Business Suite, third-party, and custom applications data.
  • Operational data store to support near real-time reporting.
  • Advanced integration with industry-leading business intelligence platforms through Noetix Generator.
  • Flexible scheduling of data loads by subject area.
  • Online data dictionary through Noetix Search to provide business definitions and data lineage.

The data marts consist of an integrated set of relational star schemas designed for multi-dimensional analysis and trending, enabling the strategic reporting and analysis.

Enterprise Data Model

A core component of Noetix Analytics is the enterprise data model—which includes an operational data store (ODS) and subject area data marts—all based on a set of common dimensions.

The ODS provides information from multiple transaction systems in near real-time, enabling users to offload transaction reporting that does not need to be real-time from the transaction systems.

Packaged ETL

Noetix has created ETL maps designed and optimized to extract and load data from Oracle E-Business Suite and applications. Importantly, for Oracle EBS customers, Noetix Analytics includes out-of-the-box integration of key and descriptive flexfields. Open interfaces are provided to integrate additional third-party and custom applications. Specialized configuration options support advanced requirements such as slowly changing dimensions.


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Oracle Exadata Ready

Noetix supports Noetix Analytics on Oracle Exadata Database Machine and SPARC Super Cluster.

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Noetix Analytics 5.5 for Oracle E-Business Suite New Release Highlights

  • Support for customer hierarchy
  • Faster loading and query of wide tables
  • Improved performance for data mart ETL window
  • Change number based CDC for data marts
  • Enhancements to Administration Console and Table Utility
  • Single step upgrade from period versions to version 5.5
  • Support for Informatica 10
  • Works with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 and 12.2.5
  • Support for Noetix Generator for Tableau

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