Noetix Generator

Integrates Data Models from NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics into BI Reporting Tools

With many organizations running a variety of BI reporting tools, Noetix Generator automates the manually-intensive process of populating each reporting tool with the reporting objects necessary for business professionals to develop reports without IT assistance.

Noetix Generator significantly reduces the tedious effort in implementing BI applications by fully automating the integration of NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics within the reporting tool’s metadata layer, saving administrators resource costs in supporting a diverse reporting environment.

Supported BI platforms include Oracle BI EE, Oracle Discoverer, IBM Cognos BI, SAP BusinessObjects, Microsoft BI, TableauQlikView and Information Builders WebFOCUS.


Noetix Generator features and benefits include:

  • Speeds the deployment of business intelligence (BI) applications.
  • Automatically populates the BI platform’s metadata layer with details of NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics.
  • Automatically generates a library of reports into the reporting tool, using NoetixViews as the foundation for those reports.
  • Significantly reduces the development time and costs associated with deploying business intelligence solutions.
  • Provides business professionals the freedom and flexibility to use their own reporting tools.

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