Noetix Generator for Oracle Discoverer

Automatic Generation of an End User Layer (EUL) for Oracle Discoverer

As the reporting tool of choice for many business analysts, Oracle Discoverer requires extensive setup of the End User Layer to effectively engage reporting capabilities before users can create and modify reports.

Noetix Generator significantly reduces the time to implement Oracle Discoverer by automating the process of building and populating Oracle Discoverer with the features and functionality of NoetixViews.

The extensible End User Layer created by Noetix Generator provides many key reporting benefits, including pre-defined Business Areas, folders, pre-defined joins between folders, item classes, and data drills.


Noetix Generator for Oracle Discoverer features and benefits include:

  • Significantly reduces the time and effort required to successfully implement Oracle Discoverer.
  • Populates NoetixViews into Oracle Discoverer by building Discoverer’s End User Layer automatically.
  • Incorporates the full functionality of NoetixViews, such as leveraging indexed columns to deliver familiar business terms to Discoverer users.
  • Extensible capability allows the creation of additional Business Areas for access to data not available in NoetixViews.

Integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite
Noetix Generator for Oracle Discoverer can be administered using the Concurrent Manager to build Apps-Mode EULs that make full use of the E-Business Suite security, plus create pre-defined data drills based upon your key flexfield hierarchies.

Indexed Columns and Item Classes
Noetix Generator for Oracle Discoverer supports item classes by leveraging the indexed column feature of NoetixViews, delivering quick display of unique list of values for faster data access.

Folder and Item Descriptions
The folder and item descriptions loaded into the EUL are the same as those found in the NoetixViews Help file, thus ensuring a consistent user experience.

Pre-defined Joins
The NoetixViews metadata includes pre-defined joins between views. This metadata is converted into joins between folders in the EUL, enabling users to create more sophisticated reports by including data from two or more views.

The Noetix-generated EUL can be extended with additional Business Areas for access to data not available in NoetixViews. Further, existing Business Areas can have joins between folders added to complement the pre-defined joins provided by Noetix. The Discoverer administrator can make such changes with the assurance that they will be retained even after a regeneration of the Noetix-generated EUL.


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