Noetix WebQuery

Easy to Use Browser Interface to Create, Modify and Distribute Ad hoc Reports

As the delivery component of Noetix Platform, Noetix WebQuery allows non-technical users to easily create and modify reports via the Web, leveraging the extensive capabilities of the Noetix solution and delivering operational information to anyone who needs it anywhere.

With Noetix WebQuery, business professionals can easily “drill-down” into report details or create dynamic links to other reports, URLs and files. Users can also subscribe to their favorite reports and specify when and how they should be delivered.

Noetix WebQuery

Noetix WebQuery’s dynamic integration with Microsoft Excel allows users to easily export queries into their favorite reporting application. The query logic is embedded directly into the spreadsheet so that the query can be refreshed with real-time operational information as needed without reformatting.


Noetix WebQuery features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use, Web-based enterprise query tool that deploys quickly with little or no training.
  • Allows business users to easily create and modify ad hoc reports to obtain the specific information they need fast.
  • Provides ability to create and schedule report subscriptions and snapshots to increase flexibility and performance.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Excel so that business users can “slice-&-dice” the data with their favorite reporting tool.
  • Integrates with Noetix Dashboard to provide executives with a visual display of Key Performance Indicators.


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Noetix WebQuery Training

NoetixViews with Noetix WebQuery
Learn how to develop and modify queries using Noetix WebQuery

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