Innovation is Key to Our Success—Our Customers Are Our Inspiration

The drive to continually improve Oracle EBS reporting for our customers has led to countless technology advances.

Noetix MetaBuilder

The technology behind Noetix’s operational reporting solution for Oracle Applications begins with the metadata discovery and generation capabilities encompassed in Noetix MetaBuilder. This patented technology deciphers the customer’s unique implementation of an enterprise application and automatically generates configuration-specific business views and pre-built reports. The generated reporting objects known as Noetix views and Noetix answers provide instant operational reporting. Noetix MetaBuilder technology works out-of-the-box for Oracle E-Business Suite.


Noetix Generator

Once Noetix MetaBuilder has created the configuration specific business views and reports they can be automatically integrated with the most popular BI and data discovery platforms including: Oracle BI, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects, QlikView, IBI WebFocus and Tableau as of summer 2015.  The semantic model will be automatically generated for platforms that provide the capability such as creating an Oracle BI Enterprise Information Model (.rpd), SAP Business Objects Universe, or Cognos Framework Manager Model.  If the tool allows the automated creation of reports programmatically then they will be built with Noetix Generator.  Examples include reports and dashboards in the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog, or report templates in the IBM Cognos Content Store.  Noetix also generates the content into Noetix Search to allow easy searching and browsing through the robust models and reports.


Noetix Enterprise Manager

The NoetixViews, NoetixViews Workbench, Noetix Search, and Noetix Generator products comprise an integrated, end-to-end operational reporting solution by sharing the common metadata repository that’s at the heart of the NoetixViews solution. Noetix Enterprise Manager, with its plug and play architecture, is the next-generation platform that integrates the NoetixViews, Workbench, and Search products further by providing the framework for shared users, environments, jobs, and log files. Magnitude Software’s vision for Noetix Enterprise Manager is to become the sole platform for running the full suite of applications in the Magnitude Software operational reporting solution.


Federated Query

Patented technology for accessing data from disparate data sources and for executing federated queries is instrumental to Noetix’s reporting platform. The core functionality of Noetix QueryServer envelops this query routing technology. Noetix QueryServer receives requests in the form of SQL from the Noetix Connect component on a web server; it parses the SQL and rewrites it for the correct data sources. The server, connection and authentication information for the data source is included. The rewritten SQL with the associated information is then passed back to the web server which then executes the query directly against the data sources.This provides scalability and load balancing at the web server level as well as transparent access to any data in the enterprise regardless of the physical location of the data.


As technology innovators, Noetix released the first AJAX application for business intelligence in 1999, six years before the term AJAX was coined. The product, Noetix WebQuery, uses Asynchronous Javascript and XML along with other technologies such as HTML, DHTML, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) to deliver an ad hoc query and reporting tool. This tool allows significant interactivity building queries and manipulating query results all within the browser. Aside from being the first AJAX BI product, Noetix WebQuery was the first commercially viable browser-based query tool.

In 2001, the advent of web services popularized the use of open standards such as SOAP and WSDL. Noetix WebQuery was enhanced to conform to the use of these technologies. The term SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) is the term to describe architectures using these technology types. SOA has been used extensively while designing and building new features and functionality of both Noetix QueryServer and Noetix Dashboard. Components such as Noetix Delivery Server and Noetix Dashboard Viewer adhere to SOA best practices.

Oracle Technology

Noetix was founded by providing reporting solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite based on the Oracle Database and related technology stack. When NoetixViews was first architected, the pioneering developers sought to leverage these technologies to provide the most seamless solution that could be easily integrated and maintained by IT organizations skilled in Oracle technologies. Database views, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, and SQL*Plus form the main technology components of NoetixViews. Although these technologies have been available for decades, they will continue to be relevant and thrive in an Oracle environment. NoetixViews and Noetix Analytics have been certified by Oracle on the Exadata stack.  And, investments in Oracle technology continue with recent support for Oracle GoldenGate with Noetix Analytics for log-based CDC (Change Data Capture).

Informatica Technology

Noetix Analytics embeds Informatica PowerCenter to perform the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) of data from Oracle Applications into the warehouse. The Noetix solution includes thousands of pre-built ETL mappings and workflows to populate the packaged operational data store and data marts with data from the source systems. Many advanced features of Informatica can be utilized such as persistent caching, partition option, and parallel processing. Noetix can also resell the PowerExchange connectors, Informatica Data Quality (IDQ), as well as a full use license of PowerCenter.

Conceptual Architecture

The conceptual architecture visually displays the areas within business intelligence that Noetix supports. This includes the Enterprise Applications (the data sources); the unique Metadata Discovery and Generation technology of Noetix; amalgamation with Data Integration and ETL tools; together delivering reporting objects comprised of Business Views and Pre-Built Reports along with a user experience via the Query, Reporting and Data Visualization Tools.

The Solution Selector allows you to choose the particular BI technology stack of interest—Noetix, Oracle, Cognos, Business Objects, Microsoft or Informatica—and the resultant conceptual architecture. The Solution Selector is not representative of all possible solutions as Noetix views reside in an Oracle Database and therefore support any tool that can connect to the database. However, choosing a particular solution will reveal the relationships between Noetix products and the most common vendor products used to create a robust BI technology stack.