Buy versus Build

Fastest Packaged BI Solution to Implement

Our Metadata-Driven Software and Lean Architecture Deliver the Lowest Cost BI Solution to Acquire, Implement, and Maintain.

Building and deploying a comprehensive BI solution from the ground up takes an extraordinary amount time and money with no guarantee of success. Buying a pre-built application is an attractive option for many reasons —the most compelling being rapid implementation, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), and mitigated risk.

The hidden effort in delivering relevant prepackaged content lies beneath the surface—the manual mapping required to build and maintain the metadata layer. The metadata layer feeds the front-end dashboards and reports, acting as a conduit between the source applications and what the business users see. Automating the creation and maintenance of this metadata layer is what sets Noetix apart from the all other prepackaged BI applications. Patented technology, Noetix MetaBuilder, automatically adapts the metadata layer to the unique customizations of each business, including key and descriptive flexfields and lookup values from Oracle E-Business Suite. The result is the fastest time to implement of any prepackaged BI application. Competing solutions require costly, time-consuming manual customizations to incorporate your application setups.

If rapid implementation is a key factor in your decision criteria, Noetix has a proven solution that delivers answers in the least amount of time with the lowest TCO.


As you evaluate a buy versus build decision and whether a prepackaged solution is right for your organization, get answers to these key questions.

  • Does the vendor offer pre-built solutions for the Oracle applications we are using? (NoetixViews Coverage)
  • Does the vendor’s solution require manual customizations to integrate flexfields, HR EITs and SITs, and other application configuration options?
  • What is the total cost of acquiring, implementing, and maintaining the packaged solution, including prerequisite software and hardware components?


"Our measure of success is not just the installation component, but also time spent developing reports has decreased by 80 percent since the Noetix deployment."

Deepak Kaul
Director of Change Management & Process Improvement at Zebra
Zebra Technologies

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