NoetixViews Global Extension

Global Extension

An Extension for Noetix Customers with Standard Views

Businesses with multiple Oracle E-Business Suite organizations that wish to leverage the data access privileges of their users in their operational reporting solution will benefit from the scalability and data security of the global views.

Organizations invest a significant amount of time and resources into defining, implementing, and maintaining the data access privileges of their E-Business Suite users. So it is natural to expect their operational reporting solution to inherit these established policies. At the same time, some users require access to a broader range of data just for reporting. This mix of requirements calls for a hybrid security model, part derived from E-Business Suite, part unique to reporting. Coupled with Noetix Generator, the NoetixViews Global Extension provides the security and versatility for enterprise-wide reporting.

Noetix Security Manager


NoetixViews Global Extension features and benefits include:

  • Enterprise-wide reporting — Data from all organizations is accessible from each global view
  • Row-level security — The Oracle E-Business Suite user’s data access privileges are used to restrict the data returned by the global views in all the BI tools supported by Noetix Generator
  • Incremental regeneration — Deploy customizations to the global views in minutes for fast response to new and changing requirements.
  • Hierarchy support — Leverage the parent-child hierarchies on your accounting segments for highly interactive, drillable reports
  • Advanced joins — Satisfy your most complex data needs by querying two or more views simultaneously using composite keys based on standard columns.
  • Pickup new organizations — Start pulling data into your reports from new business groups, ledgers, operating units, and inventory organizations without regenerating the views.


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