NoetixViews Workbench — Customize and Extend

NoetixViews Workbench Automates the Creation and Management of View Customizations

NoetixViews Workbench empowers users to customize and extend NoetixViews to meet those reporting needs not met out-of-the-box. It dramatically improves quality, reduces errors, and enhances the productivity of those creating and maintaining customizations.

Organizations will benefit from the ability to add and modify columns, tables, and where clause lines, create joins between views, or modify a view for better performance. Users can add custom views to the Noetix framework and include key and descriptive flexfields, joins to other views, essays, row-level security, and more.

Workbench integrates with existing configuration control processes to help manage the development-to-production deployment cycle with ease. It ensures a seamless end user experience by automatically integrating all customizations with Noetix Search and the BI tool presentation model maintained by Noetix Generator.

Noetix Views Workbench


NoetixViews Workbench features and benefits include:

  • Easy to use browser-based application for working with columns, including key and descriptive flexfields and with tables and where clauses.
  • Ability to add your custom views to the Noetix framework for a fully integrated solution, including modification of your new custom view with NoetixViews Workbench.
  • Increases user adoption of NoetixViews by empowering organizations to customize any of the more than 1,000 Noetix views to meet more complex reporting requirements.
  • Significantly reduces the time required to make view customizations from hours or days to minutes.
  • Supports multiuser development — multiple users concurrently working in the same environment.




NoetixViews Workbench
Learn how to customize the views to meet specific reporting requirements.

Noetix Customization Maintenance
Customizations made with NoetixViews Workbench may be eligible for upgrade protection through this offering.

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