Managed Services

Maintain Your Noetix Investment Without Dedicated Administrative Staff

Pro-active maintenance means better ongoing optimized performance and user satisfaction. Depending on your needs, Noetix Managed Services can actively monitor your Noetix environment and optimize reporting performance.

With Noetix Managed Services, you eliminate worries over missing a security patch, backing up a vital system, or delaying an important upgrade because of competing priorities.

With Magnitude Software Professional Services as your management partner, you gain the essential administration and critical attention needed to prevent neglect which negatively impacts reporting performance. With Noetix Managed Services, your organization is assured consistent, uninterrupted access to operational data.

The Managed Services team members are Noetix experts, certified and skilled in the product knowledge and experience that guarantees quick resolution of any product or performance issue. Depending on your Managed Service Plan, this expertise guarantees that your entire Noetix investment is maintained to optimal operating standards.

Managed Services Plans

Standard Managed Services

(Covers NoetixViews, Platform and Dashboards)

With Standard Managed Services, your Noetix investment is maintained remotely by Noetix Consultants who are certified as Noetix Administrators and who follow field-tested best practices and methodologies to ensure your Noetix reporting solution stays up and running.

The Standard Managed Services offering includes the administrative services that keep the Noetix environment healthy by ensuring that the latest patches are applied, upgrades are done properly and regenerations occur on a regular basis.

Premium Managed Services

(Covers NoetixViews, Platform and Dashboards dependent upon the customer configuration of Noetix products)

The Premium Managed Services offering includes all Standard Managed Services as well as all administrative aspects of the Noetix environment, including creating and modifying objects (users, servers, vTables), administering security, etc.


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"With Magnitude Software Managed Services, we'll be able to hit the ground running with our enterprise-wide extension project. I'll be able to turn my focus back to running my IT organization and other systems that need my attention."

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