BI Solutions Services

Tailored Consulting for Your Specific Reporting Requirements

Bringing together a broad set of skills and award-winning tools and technologies, Magnitude Software Professional Services offers a wide range of Noetix consulting engagements customized to fit your unique reporting challenge or BI initiative.

Utilizing Noetix tools and technologies, Magnitude Software Consulting can assist in accelerating deployment of your custom BI initiative. Our mission is to enable simplified access to operational data.

To do this quickly and cost-effectively, our Consulting Team can assist you in deploying innovative business intelligence (BI) solutions that include tools and technology that automatically acquire the unique setups and site-specific implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite. By incorporating this information automatically, we can generate custom business views specific to your organization, greatly reducing implementation costs and speeding roll out of your BI initiative.

Magnitude Software Consulting can also assist in accelerating deployment of reporting tools, maximizing your investment in Oracle E-Business Suite by “powering up” popular BI applications such as Oracle BI, Business Objects, Cognos and Microsoft.

What Magnitude Software Can Do

Through a formal engagement, Magnitude Software Consulting can provide turn-key development and deployment of integrated business intelligence solutions that simplify access to specific application data stores and accelerate report development for non-technical business professionals.

To assist you in deploying a BI solution tailored to your organization, consulting services includes the following key activities:

  • Assess and document reporting requirements that extends across your enterprise.
  • Provide a data-to-user gap analysis that includes your reporting requirements, your current data sources and your existing business processes.
  • Analyze and present recommendations on completing your BI solution based Noetix tools and technologies, enabling simplified access to operational data that cost-effectively meets your reporting performance requirements.

The Noetix award-winning approach significantly reduces the time to implementation and greatly simplifies report development for your organization’s business analysts and decision makers.

Custom Engagement Offerings

  • Custom Content Development
    Extending NoetixViews functionality, Magnitude Software Consultants can create custom business views that quickly answer tough business questions. LEARN MORE >
  • Report Development
    Magnitude Software Consultants can quickly develop custom reports and queries that fulfill a specific user need or business requirement. LEARN MORE >
  • Migration Services
    Migrating reporting environments can be a risky and expensive endeavor. Using automated migration tools and services, Noetix provides a cost-effective method of migrating that also minimizes downtime. LEARN MORE >
  • Remote Services
    Magnitude Software provides Noetix Remote Services as a cost-effective service offering that “fits the bill” in resolving matters of specific interest. LEARN MORE>

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