Turn-Key Implementation of Your Noetix Solution

As your implementation partner, Magnitude Software Professional Services can get you up and running in the shortest period of time, accelerating your Noetix deployment while eliminating the worry and project conflicts inherent with rolling out enterprise applications.

Utilizing the Noetix Implementation Methodology, Magnitude Software Consultants effectively manage the entire installation and user adoption of your Noetix reporting solution, delivering high quality and customer satisfaction at a fixed price.

Noetix Implementation Methodology

To ensure a successful implementation every time, Magnitude Software Consultants follow Noetix best practices and proven installation and training guidelines.

The Noetix Implementation Methodology includes four key phases: Define, Install, Train and Deploy. The comprehensive five-week engagement process focuses on core activities designed to accelerate the delivery of operational information to your organization’s decision makers.

Phase One: Define

Phase One begins with the definition and documentation of the key activities and deliverables that are critical to a smooth rollout of Noetix tools and technologies. Depending on the complexity of your ERP implementation, Noetix Consulting will evaluate, define and document the deployment strategies that incorporate your specific reporting needs and requirements.

Phase Two: Install

Phase Two entails the installation of Noetix products with Noetix Consultants working alongside your team to instigate knowledge transfer and to ensure that the technical environment meets recommended system requirements. NoetixViews, Noetix Platform, Noetix Answers and the Noetix Help File are all automatically generated during this implementation phase.

Phase Three: Train

Phase Three includes the comprehensive training of both the Noetix Administrator and business analysts to ensure your organization is fully prepared to manage and maximize adoption and use of your Noetix solution.

Phase Four: Deploy

The final implementation phase covers developing and deploying the processes and strategies developed in the Define Phase (Phase One). This promotes high user adoption and consistent smooth operation of your Noetix solution.

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