Upgrades Ensure Top Performance and Operational Integrity of Your Noetix Solution

When time and resources are in short supply, Magnitude Software Consulting can assist in the successful upgrade and seamless transition to the new features and functionality found within the latest releases of Noetix products.

As Oracle Reporting Experts, Magnitude Software experts combine years of product knowledge and experience into upgrade packages that include the assessments and activities essential for a successful Noetix upgrade.

Noetix Upgrade Services help minimize disruption in reporting to business users by keeping downtime to a minimum and protecting the integrity of your Noetix reports.

NoetixViews Upgrade Services

Tailored to meet your specific requirements, this three-day fixed price Magnitude Software Consulting engagement upgrades your existing NoetixViews software to the latest release and synchronizes your configuration-specific Noetix Help File.

NoetixViews Upgrade Services includes refreshing business areas with new content, along with the validation of the new environment which facilitates testing and identifies reports that may require specific attention and adjustment.

Noetix Platform Upgrade Services

Extending the NoetixViews Upgrade Services package to include the latest release of Noetix Platform, this comprehensive upgrade ensures that all Noetix components are up-to-date and operating at peak performance.

The Noetix Platform Upgrade includes a business views diagnostic that ensures that the latest NoetixViews are being properly accessed by your Noetix tools and technologies. Your Noetix Administrator will also receive training on the new features and functionality available in the product upgrades.

Note that the duration of this engagement is dependent upon the source and target version of the Noetix Platform and NoetixViews.


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