Noetix Significantly Improves Deployment and Usability of Information Builders WebFOCUS

For over a decade, Noetix has been the leader in Oracle enterprise application reporting, developing patented tools and technologies that reduce the effort and expense in rolling out Oracle reporting applications.

For many Oracle business analysts and professionals, Noetix is the number one choice for providing robust, user friendly access to Oracle application data. Without Noetix, they must continually ask IT for the data links and technical know-how to link them with the operational data they require.


Noetix “powers up” WebFOCUS by:

  • Providing pre-built applications, tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle application data.
  • Empowering Oracle users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports from application upgrades and business changes.
  • Enforcing Oracle E-Business Suite or custom security when Oracle application data is queried through WebFOCUS.

What Noetix Offers

Utilizing Noetix MetaBuilder, Noetix performs the task-intensive work that’s necessary to link Information Builders WebFOCUS with operational data. In a matter of hours, Noetix automatically creates the applications required for reporting in WebFOCUS, providing an extensive set of business views “out of the box” that are tailored to the specific application configuration.

By auto-generating business views that are tailored to an organization, NoetixViews and Noetix Generator greatly simplify custom and self-service report development for business professionals within an organization.

With Noetix Platform, Noetix quickly and cost-effectively delivers operational insight to anyone who needs real-time information using a secure, easy-to-use Web-based reporting solution.




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