Microsoft BI

Quickly Bridge the Gap Between Oracle EBS Data and Developing Reports Using Microsoft BI

Microsoft BI is a fast-growing BI platform, consisting of components from three widely used Microsoft Products: SQL Server, SharePoint and Office. Because those Microsoft products are relatively inexpensive, pervasive, and familiar, Microsoft BI offers an attractive option for customers looking for a BI platform.

Noetix Analytics and NoetixViews can be integrated with Microsoft BI to provide a powerful option for Oracle E-Business Suite customers. Certified as both a Microsoft and Oracle solution provider, Noetix provides the expertise that quickly links Microsoft’s BI tools with real-time operational information and with data warehouse based analytics. In addition, Noetix makes it easier to use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), PerformancePoint, PowerPivot and the rest of the Microsoft BI suite to access Oracle application data.


Noetix “powers up” Microsoft BI by:

  • Providing the tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle application data.
  • Empowering Microsoft BI users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports and dashboards from application upgrades and business changes.

What Noetix Offers

Noetix greatly accelerates deployment and reduces the costs associated with implementing Microsoft Business Intelligence by providing the tools and technology to access enterprise application data through data models for operational reporting and analytics. Whether ad hoc reports or visual analytics are required, Noetix simplifies the complexity and reduces the effort in creating reports and dashboards in Microsoft BI.

As Oracle Reporting Experts, Noetix “powers up” Microsoft Business Intelligence with the data links and connections essential in reporting Oracle Application data. Using NoetixViews, Noetix simplifies and speeds the delivery of real-time operational data into Microsoft BI. With Noetix Analytics, Noetix provides a packaged analytic solution that accelerates the creation of a data warehouse that can be used with SSAS and SSRS.




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