Achieve Self-service Data Discovery

Noetix automates the integration between Oracle E-Business Suite and QlikView

QlikView is a business discovery platform empowering business users to drive innovative decision making. The product provides the ability to consolidate data from multiple data sources, explore associations in data, collaborate for social decision making, and visualize data with state of the art graphics – all with incredible speed through an associative in-memory data engine.

Noetix Analytics and NoetixViews are automatically integrated with QlikView to provide a powerful solution for Oracle E-Business Suite customers. As a business partner of both Qlik and Oracle, Noetix provides the expertise that quickly links QlikView with the real-time operational information and with data warehouse based analytics from Noetix.


Noetix “powers up” QlikView by:

  • Providing pre-built models, tools and technology that simplify access to Oracle applications data.
  • Empowering QlikView users to answer their own operational questions without IT assistance.
  • Protecting established reports and dashboards from application upgrades and business changes.
  • Enforcing Oracle E-Business Suite security or custom security models even when the data resides within the QlikView in-memory engine.

QlikView offers a fantastic user experience for data analysis but there are significant challenges that are not addressed when it comes to provisioning the data. Oracle applications data is complex and requires significant SQL development and QlikView scripting. Usually this scripting is too complex for non-technical individuals and often becomes a task for IT. There is often not enough bandwidth in IT to service the growing demand for data that information discovery tools require for success. Noetix pushes the ability to provision the data back into the hands of the business users with packaged models for simplified data access, pre-built SQL and dynamically generated QlikView scripts. Through Noetix technology the unique configuration of an individual enterprise implementation of Oracle applications is automatically reflected. Noetix additionally enforces data security and eliminates the need to provide database accounts for users to access data as they can use their Microsoft Windows (Active Directory) credentials.

As Oracle Reporting Experts, Noetix “powers up” QlikView with pre-built business views and packaged data warehouse models boasting the broadest functional coverage of E-Business Suite in the industry from Financials, Supply Chain, and Manufacturing to Human Capital Management, Customer Relationship Management, and beyond. The technology auto-generates connections, semantic models, and row-level security within QlikView. It also assures that QlikView is always in synch with changes to the underlying Oracle applications including protection through upgrades. When users consume data through Noetix within QlikView, the data will be familiar and business friendly enabling true information discovery.

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