Data Visualization

Quickly Connect Decision Makers with Real-Time Organizational Performance

For today’s top business professionals, keeping up-to-date with what’s going on is crucial for success. Knowing what’s happening “at a glance” helps guide decision making, support compliance initiatives, and optimize organizational performance by eliminating problems before they occur.

Operational insight or aggregated metrics for performance management

By incorporation auto-generation technology, Noetix accelerates the deployment of graphical visualizations of operational data by providing a solution that quickly connects business professionals with real-time enterprise application data or the metrics in an operational data warehouse.

By transforming the complexities of data access into true business intelligence, Noetix provides organizations with instant access to data within their existing BI platform such as Oracle BI, Cognos BI, or QlikView that quickly and cost-effectively meets individual requirements.

To see how Noetix and Tableau can unlock Oracle EBS data when leveraged together, shortening the time between having nothing but rows and columns of data, to actually having actionable, visual analytics at your fingertips that allow you to take decisive steps, visit Tableau Public and see a working demo.

Tableau Dashboards powered by Noetix

Real-Time Performance

Information is useless if it’s out of date. That’s why Noetix combines award-winning data access technology with a data visualization solution that displays data graphically, providing operational insight without extensive data analysis.

Easy to Tailor – Fast To Deploy

Using pre-built report and dashboard templates, Noetix allows you to easily tailor and deploy a solution that quickly meets individual requirements. For users of Oracle E-Business Suite, Noetix provides hundreds of real-time measures and analytical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which immediately connect decision makers with a graphical display of how the organization is performing.

Drill to Detail

When something goes wrong, business professionals need to confirm the details before taking corrective action. With Noetix, the extensive data connections behind the scene enable you to quickly “drill-down” to the specific data elements that are feeding your digital dashboard. You simply execute a query, open a worksheet, launch a document or display another dashboard to find out what is really going on.

Many Data Sources – One Visual Display

Like many organizations, the data you need most likely lies within a variety of data sources and application databases. To make deployment easy, Noetix reports and dashboards can easily co-exist with the many other applications within your BI platform. The underlying Noetix packaged data warehouse also supports data from multiple source systems enabling thta integrataed data to be visualized, analyzed and acted upon.


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