Faster, Easier, More Cost-Effective Access to Real-Time Operational Data

For accurate decision making, knowing what your company is doing right now is essential to maintaining a competitive advantage. At Noetix, our mission is to enable you to keep a pulse on real-time business activity by quickly answering operational questions.

Noetix supplies the tools and technologies that simplify access to operational data underlying the complexity of your enterprise applications, automatically enabling you to query, modify and publish reports without having to understand the inherent complexities of the data source.

Real-time Operational Reporting

Noetix automatically creates reports specific to your business environment, quickly linking you with real-time operational data that drives fact-based decisions. With rapid installation and deployment, Noetix empowers you to create ad hoc reports or choose an existing one and easily modify the details to get the exact information you need.

Secure, Easy-To-Use Web Access

Real-time operational data is only valuable to those who can access it. Noetix makes data delivery easy by providing a true user-friendly, Web-based reporting solution that leverages your current investment and secures data access to any authorized user anywhere.

Simplified Ad Hoc Report Creation

With Noetix, functional business professionals can create their own ad hoc reports from scratch. By providing business views tailored to your organization, Noetix makes ad hoc report development simple. With little or no training, even novice users can begin answering their own questions.

Answers to Hundreds of Business Questions

Noetix generates hundreds of pre-built reports tailored automatically to your organization, quickly answering critical business questions without extensive effort or expense. By translating the application’s complexity into easy-to-use report templates, business professionals can choose and modify a report with ease to meet their individual requirement.

“Super-Charges” Microsoft Excel

Many business analysts prefer Microsoft Excel to view, analyze and format operational data. Noetix “super-charges” Microsoft Excel with one-click dynamic integration, embedding query logic directly into formatted worksheets and reports. This seamless integration allows you to retain and refresh real-time data effortlessly, without having to use another tool to modify query logic.