Query Management

A Simplified, Intelligent Approach to Data Access

True business intelligence begins with having an intelligent approach to data access. When your enterprise application’s complexity stands between you and the operational data you need to make fact-driven decisions, Noetix provides the query management tools that bridge the gap and delivers real-time information into the hands of decision makers.

Noetix provides a cost-effective solution that easily manages query complexity, including the security, multi-login capability, and data access to multiple data sources all from a single application. When the need to integrate data sources and manage their connections is required, Noetix delivers the expertise and know-how to quickly answer the toughest business question.

Easy to Use Business Views

With Noetix, you don’t have to know where the data physically resides to write a query. You simply use a “view” of the information containing the same business terminology you use everyday. Noetix hides the complexities automatically so that you can develop reports with little or no training.

Multiple Data Sources – One Query

With Noetix, accessing data from multiple data sources is greatly simplified. A centralized query manager provides wizard driven setup and query development that translates complex query logic into simple, easy-to-use business views of the operational data.

One Query – Many Reporting Tools

Every business analyst prefers using their favorite reporting tool. Until now, meeting this broad set of user requirements has meant rewriting queries for each reporting tool, with considerable effort and expense. With Noetix, a query written once is easily ported to a variety of BI applications by using auto-generation technology that makes it fast and cost-effective to connect many different reporting tools to the same query.

One Secure Single Sign-on

With Noetix, a single sign-on connects you to multiple data sources, securely accessing the various application data stores you need to gain the operational insight and performance measures required for your organization. Noetix leverages security models to eliminate user frustration by ensuring that only those who are authorized see the proper information.

Optimized Query Performance

Real-time access to data means receiving a fast response to your query. Noetix streamlines the flow of information by providing administrators with the ability to monitor, tune and analyze the performance of queries offering a fast, reliable response. Visibility to user statistics, server performance, and query monitoring ensures system bottlenecks are kept at a minimum so users can get fast results.


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