Oracle E-Business Suite

Noetix Solutions:  The Core Foundation for Every Successful Oracle EBS Reporting Strategy

Noetix products provide business analysts, managers, and professionals with both the operational reports for real-time insight and the historical reports for trending and analysis they need to make informed decisions that improve business performance and profitability.

For more than 20 years, subject matter experts—both Noetix engineers and Noetix customers—in dozens of functional areas including Financials, Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain, have built Noetix products. Together, these experts have created the broadest, richest, and most powerful business intelligence content available for Oracle’s enterprise applications.


Noetix’s solution for Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • Provides the tools and technology to simplify the complexity of data access
  • Empowers users to answer their own business questions without IT assistance
  • Protects established reports from application upgrades
  • Integrates with all major BI tools

Operational Reporting

Organizations with a new Oracle E-Business Suite implementation find they often need a reporting solution beyond what Oracle provides out of the box. The best practice initial approach for those organizations is to first address operational reporting, providing business users with real time access to detailed data from the OLTP transaction system. Once the day-to-day operational reporting needs are satisfied, companies may choose to embark on longer term business intelligence strategies, such as building a data warehouse. Meeting the immediate needs of business users first paves the way for a more successful overall reporting solution.

With our flagship product, NoetixViews, and its core, patented technology, Noetix MetaBuilder, Noetix simplifies access to Oracle E-Business Suite applications data. Through easy-to-use business views that enable non-technical professionals to quickly create, modify, and publish reports, Noetix empowers business users to gain operational insight without asking IT for assistance.

Strategic Reporting

Once EBS operational reporting is established, the next step in a reporting strategy generally involves needs that are best satisfied by a data warehouse—aggregated metrics from multiple systems and historical trending. Organizations may choose either to build their own custom solution or to purchase a packaged solution. A packaged solution to meet strategic reporting needs will provide many of the benefits of a custom solution in a much shorter timeframe at a much lower price.

Noetix Analytics is comprised of packaged ETL (predefined mappings, sessions, and workflows based on Informatica PowerCenter) to extract, transform, and load data from Oracle E-Business Suite applications; an enterprise data model which includes an operational data store and subject area data marts; and pre-defined dashboard and report templates based on industry best practices. The packaged analytical applications reflect a customer’s unique E-Business Suite implementation, including key and descriptive flexfields. Furthermore, the data marts, dashboards, pre-defined and custom reports are upgrade protected as each new release of Oracle E-Business Suite is certified with Noetix Analytics.

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