Operational Reporting

Quickly Deliver Time-Sensitive Information to Support Daily Operations

Operational BI is really nothing new, although the term may be unfamiliar to the vast majority of business users who rely upon it every day. Business intelligence has come to be generally accepted as a term that encompasses all the ways in which information consumers like line of business managers and analysts to executives or front office staff get the data they need in a format useful to guide decision making.

How companies get the raw data out of their enterprise information systems and what they do with it once they have it varies across organizations based on many factors such as business processes, architectures, technologies, etc.

Software is one of the most obvious tools that fall into this rather catch-all term known as BI. People use software to get data out of computer systems to answer their questions. What is my current inventory level? Who is my best customer? How do I determine W4 allowance and withholding?

Operational BI further defines business intelligence by adding a time element, details at the transaction level. Dated information provides little value for the manufacturer who needs to make a production decision now. Failure to fulfill orders because inventory fell below necessary levels to meet demand means lost business. Operational BI impacts decisions made today and is critical to business performance and profitability.

Getting data into the hands of employees when it’s needed to support daily operations is paramount.

It’s the foundation upon which all other reporting is based and it’s at the core of Noetix’s reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite. Noetix is the market leader in providing real-time access to EBS data.

With our flagship product, NoetixViews, and its Noetix MetaBuilder technology, Noetix easily and cost-effectively unlocks Oracle E-Business Suite applications data through easy-to-use business views that enable non-technical professionals to quickly create, modify, and publish reports to gain operational insight without asking IT for assistance.

The Noetix operational solution for Oracle E-Business Suite offers best-practice business content for a variety of Oracle applications including Oracle Financials, U.S. Federal Financials, Order Management, Procurement, Projects, Discrete and Process Manufacturing, Human Resources Management System, Grants, Service, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, and Enterprise Asset Management.



Federal Financials
Discrete Manufacturing
Process Manufacturing
Order Management
Enterprise Asset Management

Custom Views for:
Learning Management
Field Sales
Project Contracts


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