NoetixViews for Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Includes over 30 views and associated answers designed specifically to enable reporting in all the key Advanced Supply Chain Planning functional areas including supply and demand information, exceptions, pegging, and collected data. For the first time, Advanced Supply Chain Planning users now have easy, flexible access to important information such as forecast consumption details, as well as the horizontal plans pivoted by daily, weekly and period buckets, to name a few.

Views for: Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Views (partial list)

Daily, Weekly and Period Plans
These views offer innovative and flexible access to horizontal plan information that goes beyond what is possible using the planner’s workbench. Access plan supply and demand quantities by plan, item, item category, organization, and planner.

Forecast Consumptions
This view returns information on forecast consumptions within a plan. Use this view for identifying forecasts yet to be satisfied, and thereby, preventing duplicity in planning.

Demand Details
This view returns information on the demand details of a plan. Use this view for getting information on both planned and collected demands from various sources.

Late Order Exceptions
This view returns information on the late order exception details generated by a plan.

Answers (partial list)

  • What are the supply and demand quantities for a given plan and item category?
  • What are the consumption details for a given planned forecast?
  • What are the exceptions for which the action was not taken for a plan?
  • What are the penalty cost details for late orders?
  • What is the purchasing commitment to each supplier for a plan?


NoetixViews features and benefits include:

Simplified Access to Data
Noetix puts the power of enterprise reporting into the hands of the people who need it most. Through business views, which provide a way to look at the data without all the complexity of how the data is stored, you can create your own operational reports and minimize your reliance on IT.

Customer Configuration-specific Content
Noetix incorporates the specific configurations of your enterprise application automatically, tailoring business views and pre-built reports to your organization without extensive effort and expense. Terminology unique to your business is displayed upfront, enabling non-technical users to create their own reports with little or no training.

Upgrade Protection
Reports developed directly against an application database are vulnerable to breakage when the application is upgraded, introducing new data table structures. Reports developed against NoetixViews however are insulated and protected from these changes, providing metadata consistency and uninterrupted reporting for business users.




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