NoetixViews for Oracle Discrete Manufacturing

Includes more than 140 distinct views plus one view for each item category for Discrete Manufacturing covering forecasts, schedules, sourcing rules, bills, routings, resources, jobs, categories, items, onhand quantities, inventory demand, comparisons, cost details, and quality collection plan results.

Views for: Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP, Oracle Bill of Materials, Oracle Work in Process, Oracle Costing, Oracle Inventory, and Oracle Quality

Views (partial list)

MRP Plan in Daily Buckets
Returns on what the plan predicts the inventory will be for an item by day; including demand, supply quantity, safety stock quantity, and available to promise quantity.

MRP Forecast Consumptions
Returns data on the sales orders that have consumed the forecast as updated by the Oracle Planning Manager during forecast consumption.

WIP Requirement Costs
Returns data on the costs of the material requirements for discrete jobs. The costs are available for any cost type so that planned jobs can be costed at the level that will be in effect when the job is released.

BOM Bill Onhand Items
Returns data on the onhand inventory for the component items for a single level of the bill of materials.

Subinventory Values
Returns data on the on-hand quantity and extended value of each item in a subinventory

QA Collection Plan Results
For analyzing the element results for each run of a collection plan

Answers (partial list)

  • Which discrete jobs does MRP recommend expediting?
  • Which items does MRP predict will have a shortage?
  • What are the planned items and their lead times for a given plan designator?
  • What is the Work in Process cost incurred and relieved on a given job?
  • How does actual resource usage compare to capacity?
  • What is the invoice cost compared to the stored unburdened cost?
  • What are the items that raised exceptions in the MRP planning process for a given plan designator?
  • Which results are valid for a collection plan?


NoetixViews features and benefits include:

Simplified Access to Data
Noetix puts the power of enterprise reporting into the hands of the people who need it most. Through business views, which provide a way to look at the data without all the complexity of how the data is stored, you can create your own operational reports and minimize your reliance on IT.

Customer Configuration-specific Content
Noetix incorporates the specific configurations of your enterprise application automatically, tailoring business views and pre-built reports to your organization without extensive effort and expense. Terminology unique to your business is displayed upfront, enabling non-technical users to create their own reports with little or no training.

Upgrade Protection
Reports developed directly against an application database are vulnerable to breakage when the application is upgraded, introducing new data table structures. Reports developed against NoetixViews however are insulated and protected from these changes, providing metadata consistency and uninterrupted reporting for business users.




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