NoetixViews for Human Resources Management System

NoetixViews provides efficient access to the information required to support typical human resources processes and management decision-making, including employee records and reviews, time and attendance, benefit administration, wage and salary administration, staffing and recruitment, career development, absence management, and new hire and termination processing. In addition, various views provide data for managerial level analysis, budgeting and planning purposes.

Views for: Oracle Human Resources, Oracle Payroll, Oracle Advanced Benefits, and Oracle Time and Labor

Views (partial list)

HR Element Definitions (Current and Historic)
View returns current and historic Oracle HRMS element definition setup information for both earnings and deductions.

Employee Job/Position Assignment History (Current and Historic)
Shows the progress of an employee’s job or position assignment history since their original hire date.

Employee Personal Information
Employment and personal information, additional personal details and other information, such as previous last name, address, phone, hire date, length of service, date of birth, birthday, national identifier (e.g. SSN or NI Number), visa type, nationality, correspondence language, home address, work telephone, email address, work location and standard working conditions are available.

Timecard Data
Query data from most recently saved and all historical self-service and PUI timecards, including approval, audit, payroll, project and task information

Payroll Register, W-2, Payment, and Check Registers
Create powerful register reports with parameters and filters that enable fast, flexible data analysis.

Answers (partial list)

  • How many employees were at a given location for a specific date?
  • What non-healthcare benefits is a given employee currently eligible and enrolled in?
  • How do I determine the number of transfers out of a specific organization last year?
  • Which applicants possess the essential position requirements for a specific vacancy?
  • What is the midpoint offset for a specific human resources budget calendar?
  • What is the historic contact information, such as the contact name(s) and address(s), for a specific employee in a given year?
  • What are the payroll register details of the employee assignments for an effective date range?
  • What are the W-2 register (wages and taxes) details of the employee assignments for a payroll period?


NoetixViews features and benefits include:

Simplified Access to Data
Noetix puts the power of enterprise reporting into the hands of the people who need it most. Through business views, which provide a way to look at the data without all the complexity of how the data is stored, you can create your own operational reports and minimize your reliance on IT.

Customer Configuration-specific Content
Noetix incorporates the specific configurations of your enterprise application automatically, tailoring business views and pre-built reports to your organization without extensive effort and expense. Terminology unique to your business is displayed upfront, enabling non-technical users to create their own reports with little or no training.

Upgrade Protection
Reports developed directly against an application database are vulnerable to breakage when the application is upgraded, introducing new data table structures. Reports developed against NoetixViews however are insulated and protected from these changes, providing metadata consistency and uninterrupted reporting for business users.




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