Strategic Reporting

Historical Perspective for Trending and Analysis

One of the problems with reporting on operational data is that much of it is transient. In order to be able to track how orders change over time, you need a database to record and preserve the history of changes.

Analytical BI solutions are designed to answer complex strategic business questions.
These strategic questions may involve in-depth analysis of summarized financial, manufacturing, and sales data over an extended period of time. A real-time look at sales for a retailer in December could appear very profitable, but a review of the entire year could yield a very different answer.

Who are your biggest or most profitable customers? You might be surprised to learn that your largest customers might be some of your least profitable. What differentiates your most profitable customers from their less profitable counterparts and what strategies can you pursue to drive future growth and profitability?

Analysts use a variety of techniques including multi-dimensional analysis, trending, forecasting and what-if analysis, and data mining on large amounts of data. Executives stay informed on business operations through dashboards and also manage by exception by using alerting mechanisms to notify them when performance falls outside a predefined range.

Noetix Analytics provides business analysts, super users, and executives with more analytical and strategic business intelligence and performance management capabilities, including multi-dimensional analysis, trending, scorecards, dashboards, key performance indicators, and drill-down reports. Noetix Analytics supports these capabilities by creating an enterprise data warehouse foundation including an operational data store that integrates data from Oracle and non-Oracle applications to provide a unified view of corporate performance. Noetix Analytics addresses the technical challenges of capturing and transforming transactional data into formats that support high performance query and analysis by non-technical users, and offloading reporting workloads from production transaction systems.

Noetix’s strategic reporting solution for Oracle E-Business Suite provides the greatest breadth and depth of content for Oracle applications including Oracle Financials, Financial Statement Generator, Working Capital, Procurement, Order Management, Inventory, Discrete Manufacturing, Process Manufacturing, Advanced Supply Chain Planning, Human Resources, Projects, Service, Incentive Compensation, and Quoting.





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Noetix Analytics 5.5 for Oracle E-Business Suite New Release Highlights

  • Support for customer hierarchy
  • Faster loading and query of wide tables
  • Improved performance for data mart ETL window
  • Change number based CDC for data marts
  • Enhancements to Administration Console and Table Utility
  • Single step upgrade from period versions to version 5.5
  • Support for Informatica 10
  • Works with Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 and 12.2.5
  • Support for Noetix Generator for Tableau

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