Noetix Analytics for Oracle Discrete Manufacturing

Key features include the ability to monitor nearly every aspect of the manufacturing process from demand forecasting and manufacturing planning, to engineering and the bill of material, work-in-process, and quality.

Manufacturing planners can analyze overall demand and forecast accuracy and assess how well manufacturing output lines up with demand.

Engineering managers can monitor change orders and analyze their impact on product costs.

Manufacturing managers can assess manufacturing output, scrap and rework versus plans and analyze cost variances.

Distribution managers can analyze demand relative to the distribution of inventory across manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Quality managers can measure the goods produced relative to quality standards to measure the defect rate.

Cost accountants can analyze cost of goods, set standard costs, identify and quantify cost savings opportunities, and measure overall cost of goods.

Coverage for: Oracle Bills of Material, Oracle Inventory, Oracle Cost Management, Oracle Engineering, Oracle Master Scheduling / MRP, Oracle Work in Process, and Oracle Quality

Key Performance Indicators (partial list)

Engineering, Bill of Material and Costing KPIs
Change orders, substitutions, standard material, direct labor, overhead, contract manufacturing costs, usage variance

Master Scheduling / MRP and WIP, Inventory KPIs
Forecast accuracy, demand and supply by inventory location, demand and supply exceptions, WIP inventory; WIP lead time; onhand and in-transit inventory balances

Quality KPIs
Sample rate, pass/failure rate %

Answers (partial list)

  • What is our inventory position by item?
  • What items are below safety stock levels by location?
  • What is our cost variance and what are the causes?
  • What is our forecast accuracy by plant and item?
  • What is our manufacturing quality performance?




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