Noetix Analytics for Oracle Financials

Key features include the ability to analyze General Ledger balances, perform variance analysis comparing budget vs. actuals, drill down to journal entry details as well as into the Payables, Receivables, and Assets subledgers.

Payables managers can perform detailed analyses of AP invoices, invoice holds, payments, payment schedules, discounts, and checks and have full access to AP distributions.

Receivables managers can analyze AR invoices, adjustments, cash receipts. They can also analyze aging information to spot slow paying accounts. Costs can be joined with invoices to enable margin and profitability analysis by customer and product. Receivables managers also have full access to AR distributions to assist in the period close and reconciliation process. Receivables managers can also assess the company’s on-time shipment performance to their clients as compared to the requested and promised dates.

Fixed asset administrators can analyze asset histories – when assets moved in and out of service – depreciation rates and amounts, valuation adjustments, and retirements. They can also examine asset distributions to reconcile asset activity with the general ledger. Lastly, they can analyze lease schedules and payment details.

Coverage for: Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, Oracle Assets

Key Performance Indicators (partial list)

Finance KPIs
Revenue, COGS, Gross Margin, Operating Expenses, Net Operating Income, Budget vs. Actuals Variance, Current and Long Term Assets, Current and Long Term Liabilities, Equity, Return on Assets, Return on Equity, other Profitability and Liquidity ratios

Payables KPIs
Spend by Vendor, Payables Balances by Vendor, Discounts Taken, Discounts Missed, Employee Expenses, Top Spenders, Payments Forecast

Receivables KPIs
Receivables Balances and Aging, On-Time Payments, Late Payments, On-Time Shipments, Customer and Product Margins and Profitability, Revenue by Customer, Top Customers, Receivables Forecast

Assets KPIs
Depreciation, Depreciation Rates, Assets Adjustments, Lease payments, New Assets Placed In Service, Asset Retirements

Answers (partial list)

  • How do my actuals compare to my budget?
  • Which journals comprise a specific account balance?
  • Which invoices correspond to a specific journal entry?
  • Who are our top customers?
  • What is our AR aging?
  • What customer invoices are past due and by how much?
  • What is the margin by customer by product?




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