Noetix Analytics for Oracle Process Manufacturing

Key features include the ability to monitor various aspects of process manufacturing from product development to manufacturing execution, product costing, inventory management, including lot tracking.

Manufacturing planners can analyze forecast vs actual production variances and exceptions and plan future manufacturing schedules.

Product development managers can review current recipes and formulas and test new formulations.

Manufacturing managers can monitor routing steps, operations and batch steps. They can also assess yield, waste, scrap, and rework versus plans and analyze variances.

Distribution managers can analyze demand relative to the distribution of inventory across manufacturing and warehouse facilities. They can also perform lot tracking aging analysis.

Quality managers can measure the quality of goods produced to ensure FDA and other appropriate standards are met.

Cost accountants can perform lot costing, analyze overall cost of goods and cost variances, set standard costs, identify and quantify cost savings opportunities.

Coverage for: Oracle Process Manufacturing Development, Oracle Process Manufacturing Execution, Oracle Process Manufacturing Inventory, Oracle Process Manufacturing Financials

Key Performance Indicators (partial list)

Oracle Process Manufacturing KPIs
Forecast vs. actual production, standard vs. actual usage variance, yield, material, resource, direct labor, and overhead costs, yield, scrap and rework amount, quality pass/fail, inventory aging/expiration

Answers (partial list)

  • What is our actual vs. forecast production by item?
  • What is our inventory aging?
  • Which items are nearing expiration?
  • What is our cost variance and what are the causes?
  • What is our yield, scrap and rework amounts?
  • What is our manufacturing quality performance?




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